Electrical Engineering


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     1)VJTI has signed MOU with SAMEER (Society for Applied Microwave      Electronics 
       Engineering & Research, Dept. of Information Technology, MC&IT, and Govt. of India)

       2) MOU  between VJTI and Univision Softtech Pvt. Ltd(USPL)  

      3) MOU between VJTI  and VITRONICS (INDIA) 


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The Electrical Engineering Department is the largest department in the institute consisting of:

i) U.G. (3 programs-B.Tech.-Electrical, Electronics, Electronics & Telecomm.)

ii) P.G. (4 programs- M.Tech. - Electrical-Power & Control, Electronics, Electronics & Telecomm.)

iii) Ph.D. (2 programs- Electrical& Electronics). At present there are 52 students registered for Ph.D.

iv) Diploma (2 programs- Electrical & Electronics).

It is recognized for doctoral research heritage and competent faculty members in many diverse fields. The Department has laboratories needed for the teaching and practical experiments of various courses stated above. Apart from the regular teaching of diploma, UG and PG courses, the department has excellent industry institute interaction. It has developed state of art - High Voltage Laboratory due to generous funding by Siemens (Germany) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).  This laboratory caters to various testing needs of industry, carries out consultancy & research for industries and Government organizations. The Department has recently developed state of art VJTI- L&T Low Voltage Switchgear Laboratory to bridge the gap between industry and Academics. 

The Department is also in the process of setting up a centre for EMF studies which will strengthen the   fundamentals of the students and contribute extensively to research in the area of computational dynamics and design of electrical machines. Under TEQIP program it has procured equipment for Communication, Virtual Instrumentation (A new laboratory of Virtual Instrumentation is developed under TEQIP I), Control System, DSP.

The aim of the Department is to strengthen the Diploma, UG & PG programs by bridging the gap between academics and industry, increase the research with adequate sponsored projects and industry - institute interaction.

Year of establishment: 1900 (Started with Diploma in Electrical Engineering)




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Degree Staff (Electronics)
Degree Staff (Electrical)
Diploma Staff (Electrical)
Diploma Staff (Electronics)




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MOU- VJTI Siemens

(Dr. Mokashi,

Dr. Varwandkar)

Dr. Mangalvedekar

·         HV Lab development

·         Joint testing

·         Joint training programs

·         Joint research and publications




Prof. Damhe,

Prof. Bhil

·         Lab development

·         Joint training




Dr. Panse

·         Joint training programs

·         Joint research and publications

·         Internship 4 PG students per          year



Dr. N.M.Singh and Mech. Dept.

·         CFD Lab setup

·         Joint research and projects


MOU-Samudra institute of maritime studies

Prof. H.B. Chaudhary

·         Training Marine engineers




MOU-Anglo Eastern maritime training center Mumbai.

Prof. H. B. Chaudhary

·         Training Marine engineers